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About Our Area

Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula

Separated from Costa Rica’s mainland by the Gulf of Nicoya, the mini eco-system of the Nicoya Peninsula boasts an incredible variety of flora and fauna, magnificent beaches and vibrant towns; making it one of the most desirable destinations in Costa Rica. Although the Nicoya Peninsula covers only a small area of the entire country, there is an abundance of options in this particular region. Looking to rest and relax? Solitude prevails on a beach blanket at one of the hundreds of beaches (check out Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Tambor Bay or Mal Pais). Feeling more adventurous? Hiking to hidden waterfalls and canopy tours are just a couple of options. And if you need a mind and body reboot, there are no shortage of spas and yoga retreats to choose from.

This region has its own culture and customs; there is a distinctive feel to it as one travels through the lively rural towns, passing rolling hills of farmland and across multiple rivers with refreshing swimming holes. Yet the Nicoya Peninsula is also home to some of the finest restaurants and accommodations in all of Costa Rica.

What to See and Do

The Nicoya Peninsula is blessed with the ability and variety to enjoy calm and tranquil waters for turtle nesting beaches, swimming, kayaking and SUP, in addition to beaches with waves suited to world-class surfing and boogie-boarding – all within a 25-minute drive of each other. Prefer to not get wet? Mountain biking, hiking, canopy tours, sportfishing and ATV tours are all fun and exciting options; no prior experience required! The charm of the Nicoya Peninsula never fails to enchant its visitors. Include the fact that it is one of the world’s 5 Blue Zones – an area where people live to be 100 years old or more – it’s not hard to understand why it’s such a popular place to visit.

Where to Stay

There is an amazing choice of accommodation on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive resort that offers a wide array of activities and tours, or a distinctive boutique hotel; whether you’re travelling alone, with your spouse or are a large group, you will find the perfect option for the holiday of your dreams. Beach Hotels of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, such as the Tambor Tropical and Tango Mar offer a magical blend of natural beauty, pampering and tranquility combined with top notch customer service and blissful luxury.

A Little Piece of Paradise

With a perfect climate throughout the entire year, the Nicoya Peninsula is among one of Costa Rica’s ideal destinations. It’s easy to reach by a regional airline or by car (either by utilizing the frequent ferry across the Gulf of Nicoya, or by driving around the top of the peninsula), and is home to National Parks, incredible beaches and endless accommodations and restaurants. As a destination, the country of Costa Rica is a must-visit; but to veer from the everyday and make memories that will last a lifetime, the Nicoya Peninsula is not to be missed.

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