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Tire Kicker Policy

Kindly note that in order to maintain efficiency and accuracy, we do not offer detailed replies to questions sent via e-mail. Instead, we set up in-person appointments at our office. If you’re out of the country, then please advise us when you will be in Costa Rica, and we will schedule an appointment for that time.

The reason we need to have this protocol is because we’re busy – which is great! However, that said, 99% of our general email and information requests end up consuming much of our time, with no end result or even a second reply. This is paradise and paradise is busy; not just for real estate tours and sales, but also for property maintenance, landscaping, construction and various home services.

Our listings contain up-to-date photos, detailed information and pricing. If you want to see more, or talk about ownership in Costa Rica, we ask that you please reach out to set up a time to visit us. We are happy to answer all your questions in person and take you on a fully guided tour of our spectacular area and Los Delfines.

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